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My Maternal ancestor Patriot, Caleb Witham  fought in the Continental Army He fought at Valley Forge with General George Washington. Survived !!!   and raised a family in Maine, click on this picture of my Grandmother Nora Witham for more.

Thank you for visiting my  La Brier Family website!   These pages are made to bring the descendents of this old North American family together. Any and all contributions are very blanks


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The Mother of our Family "Normand, Catherine. m. Pierre dit LaBriere Sept 7, 1665"





My La Brier Family Genealogy
An Adventure of One Family in North America
Over 400 Years

This is a history of my La BRIER family, as I know it thus far. Our first knowledge of our family begins in France during the early 1600's. It follows the movement of our family into North America to Quebec City Quebec and beyond.

There our family flourishes and branches out in many directions. My ancestors eventually left Quebec and made their way to early Detroit with Cadillac. From there they traveled into the Northern part of Louisiana into the Illinois. Here they settled and prospered and raised their families.

Some remained in the Kaskaskia region, others found their way across the Mississippi and helped establish the town of Ste. Genevieve Missouri. Others spread throughout North America into Oklahoma, Texas, California, Oregon and other states. My Grandfather Anthony "Tony" La Brier, settled in North Dakota where he established himself in varied business ventures

Circumstances in the mid 1900's caused him to again attempt to re-establish himself, so he moved his family to Alberta Canada, which just a few years earlier had been part of the North West Territories.

My Grandfather Anthony (Tony) La Brier (LaBruyere, LaBriere) was born in Kaskaskia Illinois in the year 1860. His mother was Irish, her name was Allis (Alice?) Bradley, and his father was Peter (Pierre) LaBruyere (LaBrier) who was also born in Kaskaskia in 1824.

These pages show our family history from France to Quebec, early Detroit, Kaskaskia and Ste. Genevieve Missouri. My family branch, Illinois, Missouri, Minnesota, North Dakota, Alberta Canada. We are always looking for family information and welcome inquiries from family. Please sign my guest book below, I will respond to any questions to the best of my ability.



Noreen & John La BRIER Family - 1993

Noreen & John La Brier family October 2005 - Nine Members were not able to attend


A Story of an Early Kaskaskia Habitant - Jean Olivièr by Pat Weeks



John L. LaBrier(e) house in Haskell Texas, read about this pioneer




Click Here - More pictures of my visit to Haskell Texas


Ribbon Cutting for the La Brier Family Arena

Suntime's News On "The Old House"



Grave Marker of Antoine LABRIER b. 1810

Fort Kaskaskia Park - October 2002
Photos Courtesy Jeannine LABRIER SMITH.


Recommended Reading for Persons Interested in the

History of this Region Which is so

Important to the Exploration and Settlement of the Continent

  1. Kaskaskia Under The French Regime
  2. French Roots in Illinois Country
  3. Colonial Ste. Genevieve, An Adventure on the Mississippi Frontier

The author of these books is;
"Carl J. Ekberg Professor Emeritus University of Illinois"





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