LaBrier Family Photos


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Anthony LaBrier
Anthony LaBrier
Tony LaBrier
Mary (Regan) LaBrier & Maggie Regan Aldris
Young Michael & Mary Regan
Marguerite (Babe) LaBrier
LaBrier House - 1907
Michael LaBrier on his pony.
LaBrier Bakery - Lakota ND.
LaBrier Restaurant - Edmore ND.
Regan Home Crookston MN.
Tony & Mary back row
LaBrier Picnic - 1918
Uncles Frank & John LaBrier -1920
Michal J. LaBrier - 1923
With his Model T Ford
Michael John LaBrier 1922
Doris I. McLeod 1920
John I. LaBrier 1930
With his Dad M.J. LaBrier
Becky - Tommy Jackie LaBrier 1936
with Mrs. Kitty
Michael J. LaBrier
Tommy Jackie Becky LaBrier 1934
Tommy & Becky LaBrier 1941/42
Tom LaBrier Home from the North Atlantic - 1943
Bob Driscoll & Becky LaBrier - 1943
Doris McLeod
LaBrier 1943
Mike & Doris Retired 1963
Becky LaBrier Driscoll
Doris LaBrier
"Winkler Family"
John LaBrier 1954
Mary Lee Turninga
Becky Driscoll Doris LaBrier Vonnie LaBrier

Becky La Brier Driscoll, - Tommy La Brier - 1984
Canadian Rocky Mountains
Michael J. LaBrier,
with sister Rebecca La Brier Lee
Fred & Nora Witham McLeod with Baby Doris
Seboeis Maine - 1904
John La Brier's Maternal Grandparents & Mother
Michael LaBrier, Rebecca LaBrier Lee, Noreen Maxwell LaBrier - 1950

Becky Ann La Brier - 1924
Michael J. La Brier
Lakota ND - 1899
Michael J. La Brier
RR Brakeman - 1920
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