April 13, 2005

Landmarks says no to city demolition request

By Don Pritchard

STE. GENEVIEVE -- The Landmark Commission has denied the city permission to demolish a house next door to city hall.

The action came during last night's meeting of the commission.

The city applied for a demolition permit for the house, at 199 South Fourth

Street, so that it could expand the parking at city hall.

This is the house the city desires to demolish to make way for expanded parking at city hall. (Photos by Michelle Hoog)

However, the city's desire to demolish the house drew sharp criticism from several members of the commission.

Commissioner Lorraine Stange led the attack, accusing the city of committing "demolition by neglect" by purchasing the house 12 years ago and allowing it to deteriorate over the years.

She said the city would be setting the wrong example by demolishing the house.

Stange called it a paradox that the city wanted to tear the house down at the same time another person in the city is coming to the commission later in the meeting with plans to take a house (93 South Gabouri) in far worse shape and is reconstructing it at considerable expense to himself.

Commissioner Jim Beckerman said the house at 199 South Fourth is in better shape today than the Brooks House on St. Mary's Road was before he began its restoration.

Commissioner Ron Jones said the house was the finest example of

Queen Anne/Victorian house in the city. It was constructed in 1900 and is considered a contributing structure to the city’s historic district.

The commission voted 7-0 to deny the city permission to demolish the house. The issue now goes to the board of aldermen for its consideration.

Nicholas Herman was granted permission to demolish a garage and attached carport at 31 Linn Drive.

This is the house William Hoffman is planning to restore.

William Hoffman received permission to rehabilitate the rear porches, chimneys, windows, roof and siding of the house at 93 South Gabouri Street.

A request from Reachel Heberlie and Troy Allen to construct a garage on the east side of the property at 399 Washington Street was withdrawn.

Christine Shuh of Spa, Soap and Crafts, received permission to install a two-foot by two-foot sign at 364 Market Street.

Laura Naeger and Georgia Schilli of Treasured Memories were approved for a four-foot by four-foot sign at 234 Merchant Street.

Chip Marzuco of Marzuco Electric received permission to construct a new hip roof on the building at 233 Merchant Street. The existing roof of the storefront building, now the location of the Remnant Church, was damaged in a fire March 31st. The motion approving the work was pending final agreement on the windows.